Hilleary Rolls in Dick Potts Memorial

Don Hilleary in Victory Lane after capturing his first MSSC win  Nonstop Action Photography Photo

Don Hilleary in Victory Lane after capturing his first MSSC win
Nonstop Action Photography Photo


(Kankakee, IL) Sept 21, 2018 – The Midwest Street Stock Championship went to the Kankakee County Speedway Friday night for the Dick Potts Memorial. The series joined the season ending point’s night at the speedway. Jerrad Krick entered into the weekend with a narrow point lead over UMP National point’s leader Jeremy Nichols.  22 Street Stocks checked in Friday night before hot laps began with all eyes set on taking home the $1,018 top prize in the event honoring a legend to the racing community, Dick Potts.

As HP Machine Qualifying got underway Jeremy Nichols came out early and set the top mark with a lap of 16.879 seconds. But the lap would not hold up as local favorite Matt Hammond from Bourbonnais, IL would set the overall fastest lap at 16.756 seconds. Joe Brown would come home 2nd quick and Nichols 3rd.

Three heat races would determine those who would participate in the JAZ Products Dash and help set the field for the night’s main event. The top 2 from each heat would transfer to the night’s dash event. In RacingBids.com Heat Race #1 saw Jeremy Nichols hold off the defending series champ Jerrad Krick to pick up the win in heat race #1. Heat race #2 sponsored by STL Motorsport Magazine seen Don Hilleary overtake polesitter Andrew Funk for the heat race victory. Dynamic Drivelines Heat #3 was a dandy as the front 3 battled several laps before Joe Brown was able to get away from Matt Hammond and Josh Griffith to pick up the heavily contested heat race #3.

The top 2 finishers from each heat were locked into the JAZ Products Dash. The five lap dash would determine the night’s starting order for the first three rows of the night’s main event. Matt Hammond started on the pole of the JAZ Products Dash and he held the lead the whole way to victory. The runner up spot was the race of the night as cars were 4 wide battling for that outside front row feature starting spot. Joe Brown came home 2nd, Jeremy Nichols 3rd, Don Hilleary 4th, Andrew Funk 5th, and Jerrad Krick 6th.

The first three rows were set. The field of 22 MSSC Street Stocks were ready to battle for $1,018 payday. All eyes were on the front row as Matt Hammond and Joe Brown not only were chasing the big payday but also the Kankakee Country Speedway season point’s title. The feature event started out with a long green flag run that saw Don Hilleary assert himself as a major contenter using the top side of the speedway to take the lead. After a couple of caution flags that took out major contenders Jeremy Nichols and Josh Griffith, Hilleary seen himself mired back in the 3rd spot and pinned down on the bottom out of his prefered groove.  At this stage of the event Jason Maier was the car on the move, starting back in the 7th spot Jason had positioned himself right behind Don Hilleary. Don would find his way back to the top side as he retook the race lead late and rolled the top side to victory lane and a payday. Jason Maier came home runner up and Lafayette, IN driver David Hurst rounded out the podium in 3rd. Andrew Funk finished 4th and Jerrad Krick rounded out the top 5.

The win was an emotional one for Don Hilleary as it was his first career win on the MSSC tour and he picked up the $1,018 payday. It meant a lot to Don to win at his hometrack. “I love this MSSC Series and to win against the best competation it means a lot.” Don said in his post race interview. Jerrad Krick was able to hold on to the points lead out of Kankakee by 14 points over Jeremy Nichols as the Series eyes its finale in two weeks. Wayne Huffman came home 10th after early race problems send him to the hot pit area. This moved Wayne into the 3rd position in paoints and clinch the Rookie of the Year honors for 2018.

The Midwest Street Stock Championship will put a lid on the 2018 season on Saturday Oct 6th at the Charleston Speedway for the 5th Annual UMP Street Stock Fall Nationals. Jason Maier picked up the win earlier this year at Charleston Speedway during the Street Stock Shootout.

HP Machine Qualifying 1 (1 Lap):

  1. J24-Jeremy Nichols, 00:16.879

  2. 99K-Jerrad Krick, 00:16.926

  3. 99-Jason Maier, 00:17.029

  4. 43-Dustin Hubert, 00:17.038

  5. 14-Megan Erwin, 00:17.384

  6. 7-Matt Maier, 00:17.661

  7. 777-James Sain, 00:17.693

  8. (DNS) 22C-Chris Dick, NO TIME

HP Machine Qualifying 2 (1 Lap):

  1. 23A-Andrew Funk, 00:17.178

  2. 10H-Don Hilleary, 00:17.312

  3. 23-Cody Clubb, 00:17.354

  4. 8-David Hurst, 00:17.380

  5. 21K-Kory Kohler, 00:17.405

  6. 73-Wayne Huffman III, 00:17.914

  7. (DNS) 75-Randy Weiss, NO TIME

HP Machine Qualifying 2 (1 Lap):

  1. 818-Matthew Hammond, 00:16.756

  2. B9-Joe Brown, 00:16.765

  3. 97-Josh Griffith, 00:17.014

  4. H23-Tony Hemp, 00:17.631

  5. 1A-Ryan Anderson, 00:17.839

  6. 18-Ryan Johnson, 00:18.007

  7. 70B-Ken Bushey, 00:18.358

RacingBids.com Heat 1 (10 Laps):

  1. J24-Jeremy Nichols, [1]

  2. 99K-Jerrad Krick, [2]

  3. 99-Jason Maier, [3]

  4. 43-Dustin Hubert, [4]

  5. 7-Matt Maier, [6]

  6. 14-Megan Erwin, [5]

  7. 777-James Sain, [7]

  8. (DNS) 22C-Chris Dick

STL Motorsport Magazine Heat 2 (10 Laps):

  1. 1. 10H-Don Hilleary, [2]

  2. 23A-Andrew Funk, [1]

  3. 8-David Hurst, [4]

  4. 23-Cody Clubb, [3]

  5. 21K-Kory Kohler, [5]

  6. (DNF) 73-Wayne Huffman III, [6]

  7. 7. (DNF) 75-Randy Weiss, [7]

Dynamic Drivelines Heat 3 (10 Laps)

  1. B9-Joe Brown, [2]

  2. 818-Matthew Hammond, [1]

  3. 97-Josh Griffith, [3]

  4. 1A-Ryan Anderson, [5]

  5. H23-Tony Hemp, [4]

  6. 70B-Ken Bushey, [7]

  7. (DNS) 18-Ryan Johnson

JAZ Products Dash (5 Laps):

  1. 818-Matthew Hammond, [1]

  2. B9-Joe Brown, [2]

  3. J24-Jeremy Nichols, [4]

  4. 10H-Don Hilleary, [3]

  5. 23A-Andrew Funk, [6]

  6. 99K-Jerrad Krick, [5]

3rd Annual Dick Potts Memorial Presented by Interstate Batteries A-Feature (46 Laps):

  1. 10H-Don Hilleary, [4]

  2. 99-Jason Maier, [7]

  3. 8-David Hurst, [8]

  4. 23A-Andrew Funk, [5]

  5. 99K-Jerrad Krick, [6]

  6. B9-Joe Brown, [2]

  7. 818-Matthew Hammond, [1]

  8. 43-Dustin Hubert, [10]

  9. 23-Cody Clubb, [11]

  10. 73-Wayne Huffman III, [17]

  11. 1A-Ryan Anderson, [12]

  12. 777-James Sain, [19]

  13. H23-Tony Hemp, [15]

  14. 70B-Ken Bushey, [18]

  15. (DNF) 14-Megan Erwin, [16]

  16. (DNF) J24-Jeremy Nichols, [3]

  17. (DNF) 7-Matt Maier, [13]

  18. (DNF) 21K-Kory Kohler, [14]

  19. (DNF) 97-Josh Griffith, [9]

  20. (DNS) 18-Ryan Johnson

  21. (DNS) 75-Randy Weiss

  22. (DNS) 22C-Chris Dick

Contingency Award Winners:

MSSC Championship Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Jerrad Krick 860 -----
2. Jeremy Nichols 846 -14
3. Wayne Huffman III 782 -78
4. Darrell Dick 690 -170
5. Megan Erwin 680 -180

MSSC HP Machine Fast Time Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Jeremy Nichols 887 -----
2. Jerrad Krick 873 -14
3. Wayne Huffman III 822 -65
4. Darrell Dick 761 -126
5. Megan Erwin 745 -142

MSSC JAZ Products Dash Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Jeremy Nichols 64 -----
2. Jerrad Krick 45 -19
3. Josh Griffith 33 -31
4. Darrell Dick 28 -36
5. Matt Maier 28 -36

MSSC Saldana Racing Products Hard Charger Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Wayne Huffman III 22 -----
2. Terry Reed 21 -1
3. Jerrad Krick 16 -6
4. Jason Maier 13 -9
5. Timmy Dick 11 -11

MSSC Side Bite Designs and Race Wraps Rookie of the Year Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Wayne Huffman III 850 -----
2. Megan Erwin 746 -104
3. Jason Maier 492 -358
-- Terry Reed 492 -358
5. Don Hilleary 484 -366

The Midwest Street Stock Championship is proud to partner with the following companies for the 2018 racing season:
- HP Machine (Official Fast Time Sponsor)
- JAZ Products (Official Dash Sponsor)
- Saldana Racing Products (Official Hard Charger Award Sponsor)
- Side Bite Designs and Race Wraps (Official Rookie of the Year Sponsor)
- STL Motorsport Magazine (Official Media Outlet)
- Dirt Trackin'
- PEM Racing
- AutoMeter Competition Instruments
- BrakeOMeter®
- DRIVEN Racing Oil
- COMP Cams
- Dynamic Drivelines
- Landrum Performance Springs
- RacingBids.com (Official Trophy Provider)
- XS Power
- Full Auto Racing Supply
- JRB Fabrication / Infected Chassis
- Radical Racegear
- Hoosier Tire Midwest
- RockAuto.com
- Performance Bodies

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