Nichols Sweeps the Night at Lincoln

Scott Leeman / SRL Designs

Scott Leeman / SRL Designs


(Lincoln, IL) It was a familiar sight Friday night. Jeremy Nichols, the 2018 DIRTcar Stock Car National Champion, entered Lincoln Speedway as the only winner in the previous two running’s of the Railsplitter 40. He left the night the exact same way after navigating his J24 Nichols Race Cars Chevrolet Camaro to victory lane.

The 2019 Midwest Stock Car Tour season started off in similar fashion for Nichols. He bested the field of 20 DIRTcar Stock Cars in HP Machine Qualifying with a lap time of 15.971 seconds. Following his interview Nichols took part in the first Heat Race Invert of the season, drawing a 1 out of the bag. The Midwest Stock Car Tour has implemented a new procedure for heat races in 2019. The HP Machine Fast Qualifier will draw a poker chip out of a bag and the number drawn will be the number of cars inverted for each heat race. Since eliminating the Dash in 2019, this was done to increase the excitement in the heat races. Nichols made the first draw and pulled the best option in the bag, a 1. In doing so, he secured a first place starting position in the heat race as no cars would be inverted.

Both heat races went caution free for the entire distance. Nichols took advantage of his first place starting position to get the jump on third place qualifier and Wildgraphix Rookie of the Year contender Lance Evans. Nichols would lead the entirety of the event with two-time series champion Jerrad Krick coming home second. Justin VanDrunen, Evans, and Darrell Dick rounded out the top five in heat race one. It was much of the same in heat race two as Josh Griffith started in the pole position and jumped out in front of Wildgraphix Rookie of the Year contender Zach Zuberbier. Griffith held the lead for the entire race after some power steering issues and took home the win. Terry Reed, who started fifth, finished second, Zuberbier third, Dave Crawley, JR. fourth, and Don Hilleary fifth.


The field was set for the third annual Railsplitter 40 at Lincoln Speedway. It took a few tried to get going but once we did, it was business as usual for Nichols. This time was different than most, however, as two-time MSCT champion Jerrad Krick was hot on his tail. As the duo weaved in and out of lapped traffic, Krick closed in on Nichols, getting side by side with the two-time defending race winner on multiple occasions. WHile those two battled at the front, Nick Macklin and Don Hilleary were slowly picking their ways through the field. Macklin started thirteenth and Hilleary tenth. A late race restart made things interesting as Krick gave it one last shot but it was not enough and Nichols held on for the win. Krick finished second, Wildgraphix Rookie of the Year contender Lance Evans came home third, and Mackiln and Hilleary rounded out the top five.

The Midwest Stock Car Tour is back in action on May 31 in the inaugural Wildgraphix Southern 20 at RT 45 Raceway in Flora, IL.

2019 Railsplitter 40 Results

HP Machine Qualifying (1 Lap)

  1. J24-Jeremy Nichols, 00:15.971

  2. 97-Josh Griffith, 00:16.187

  3. 37-Lance Evans, 00:16.432

  4. 4Z-Zach Zuberbier, 00:16.448

  5. 99K-Jerrad Krick, 00:16.457

  6. 37C-Dave Crawley Jr, 00:16.591

  7. 71-Justin VanDrunen, 00:16.657

  8. 14-Megan Erwin, 00:16.776

  9. 67R-Rudy Zaragoza, 00:16.806

  10. 5-Terry Reed, 00:16.815

  11. 16-Nick Macklin, 00:16.872

  12. 80-Justin Crowell, 00:16.889

  13. 2Z-Andy Zahnd, 00:16.918

  14. 22-Darrell Dick, 00:16.971

  15. 08-Brian Dasenbrock, 00:17.179

  16. 27-Bailey Aukland, 00:17.368

  17. 227-Justin Thomas, 00:17.522

  18. 17B-Braden Bilger, 00:17.622

  19. 10H-Don Hilleary, 00:17.969

  20. V8-Jeff Massey, [20]

Scott Leeman / SRL Designs

Scott Leeman / SRL Designs

Heat Race One (8 Laps)

  1. J24-Jeremy Nichols, 03:46.757[1]

  2. 99K-Jerrad Krick, 03:51.152[3]

  3. 71-Justin VanDrunen, 01:44.719[4]

  4. 37-Lance Evans, 03:53.100[2]

  5. 22-Darrell Dick, 03:53.251[8]

  6. 2Z-Andy Zahnd, 03:53.840[7]

  7. 16-Nick Macklin, 03:54.701[6]

  8. 27-Bailey Aukland, 03:59.799[9]

  9. 67R-Rudy Zaragoza, 04:00.138[5]

  10. (DNF) 17B-Braden Bilger, 01:44.719[10]

Scott Leeman / SRL Designs

Scott Leeman / SRL Designs

Heat Race Two (8 Laps)

  1. 97-Josh Griffith, 09:48.378[1]

  2. 5-Terry Reed, 09:49.418[5]

  3. 4Z-Zach Zuberbier, 09:49.744[2]

  4. 37C-Dave Crawley Jr, 09:50.418[3]

  5. 10H-Don Hilleary, 03:30.072[7]

  6. 14-Megan Erwin, 09:51.084[4]

  7. 80-Justin Crowell, 09:52.064[6]

  8. 227-Justin Thomas, 09:52.785[9]

  9. (DNF) 08-Brian Dasenbrock, 03:23.388[8]

  10. (DNF) V8-Jeff Massey, 03:30.072[10]

Scott Leeman / SRL Designs

Scott Leeman / SRL Designs

Feature (40 Laps)

  1. J24-Jeremy Nichols, 25:42.631[1]

  2. 99K-Jerrad Krick, 25:43.013[3]

  3. 37-Lance Evans, 25:44.198[7]

  4. 16-Nick Macklin, 25:44.630[13]

  5. 10H-Don Hilleary, 04:48.111[10]

  6. 5-Terry Reed, 25:45.874[4]

  7. 97-Josh Griffith, 25:46.307[2]

  8. 22-Darrell Dick, 25:46.481[9]

  9. 14-Megan Erwin, 25:46.735[12]

  10. 67R-Rudy Zaragoza, 25:48.225[17]

  11. 80-Justin Crowell, 25:49.109[14]

  12. 227-Justin Thomas, 25:51.124[16]

  13. (DNF) 08-Brian Dasenbrock, 19:46.714[18]

  14. (DNF) 2Z-Andy Zahnd, 17:38.872[11]

  15. (DNF) 27-Bailey Aukland, 14:45.646[15]

  16. (DNF) 4Z-Zach Zuberbier, 12:56.377[6]

  17. (DNF) 71-Justin VanDrunen, 04:48.111[5]

  18. (DNF) 17B-Braden Bilger, 09:46.191[19]

  19. (DNF) 37C-Dave Crawley Jr, 04:48.111[8]

  20. (DNS) V8-Jeff Massey, 04:48.111

Contingency Awards

The Midwest Stock Car Tour is proud to partner with the following companies for the 2019 racing season!