Maier Masters Fall Nationals, Krick Claims Second Title

Matt Maier and crew in Victory Lane after an exciting Fall Nationals victory.  Bryce Graves Photo

Matt Maier and crew in Victory Lane after an exciting Fall Nationals victory.
Bryce Graves Photo


(Charleston, IL) Oct 13, 2018 – The Midwest Street Stock Championship season came to an end Saturday night at Charleston Speedway with the 5th Annual UMP Dirt Car Street Stock Fall Nationals. Jerrad Krick entered into the weekend with a narrow point lead over UMP National point’s champion Jeremy Nichols.  28 UMP Street Stocks checked in Saturday night all in hopes of taking home the season high paying payday of $2,000. Not only a big payday on the line, the MSSC point’s title and finishing positions were yet to be determined. Jerrad Krick only needed to start the event to lock up his second straight series title.

As HP Machine Qualifying got underway Josh Griffith came out early and set the top mark with a blistering lap of 13.94 seconds that broke the track record. But the lap would not hold up as the defending champ Jerrad Krick laid down an even faster lap of 13.87 seconds that would set again a new track record. Josh Griffith would come home 2nd quick and Matt Maier 3rd.  The top 3 drivers in qualifying were all under the previous track record at the 3/8 mile oval.

Three heat races would determine those who would participate in the JAZ Products Dash and help set the field for the night’s main event. The top 2 from each heat would transfer to the night’s dash event. In Heat Race #1 saw Josh Griffith lead every lap from the pole position and held off May’s MSSC event winner Jason Maier in heat race #1. Heat race #2 sponsored by STL Motorsport Magazine seen Timmy Dick overtake pole sitter Matt Maier for the heat race victory. Dynamic Drivelines Heat #3 went to Jerrad Krick as he held off Matt Hammond and Scott Hufford to pick up the heavily contested heat race #3.

The top 2 finishers from each heat were locked into the JAZ Products Dash. The five lap dash would determine the night’s starting order for the first three rows of the night’s main event. Timmy Dick started on the pole of the JAZ Products Dash and he held the lead nearly the whole race before 4th place starting Jerrad Krick took the lead away in the final laps. The runner up spot went to Timmy Dick, Josh Griffith 3rd, Matt Maier 4th, Matt Hammond 5th, and Jason Maier scratched from the event after engine issues sidelined him for the remainder of the evening.

A XS Power Batteries B main was required to set the final starting spots for the 40 lap main event. The B Main saw front row starters Megan Erwin, who had 3 feature victories at the Charleston Speedway this year, win the event along with Rudy Zaragoza transferring from the B Main. Trebor Henson, Megan Cavaness and Bill Figgins received professionals into the 22 car field.

A field of 22 MSSC Street Stocks were ready to battle for the big $2,000 payday in the UMP Dirtcar Fall Nationals. The plot had be set for the night’s main event. Jerrad Krick had the perfect night going, breaking the track record, winning the heat and dash and with the drop of the green flag locking up his second series title in as many seasons. Matt Maier was behind the wheel of the J24 machine since Jeremy Nichols was not at Charleston to contend. And the final character in the evenings plot line was the race organizer and hometown favorite Josh Griffith starting in the 3rd position. In the opening laps Krick assert himself as the leader and the class of the field. After a couple of caution flags that took out contenders Timmy Dick, Don Hilleary & Matt Hammond it looked that Krick would drive away with win. But in the late stages of the event a couple of restarts would determine the outcome of this one. Matt Maier in the J24 machine had found a fast way around the Charleston Speedway and was giving Jerrad all he could handle. Matt would eventually get around Krick and take the race lead. Shortly after a caution came out and Krick jumped the start and was penalized a position and would now have to restart in the 3rd position. Matt would hold off a charging Josh Griffith in route to victory lane. Griffith would hold on for second place and Jerrad Krick would finish out the podium in 3rd and put a lid on his 2018 Midwest Street Stock Championship. The Saldana Racing Products Hard charger of the Race was Megan Erwin who started 18th came home 4th and Oakwood, IL driver Scott Hufford finished in the 5th spot.

The win was a big one for Matt Maier taking home the $2,000 payday. Matt expressed his gratitude to fellow competitor Jeremy Nichols for letting him pilot his car in the season finale. Matt’s race car needed repairs and was parked for the rest of the season. Matt said “Jeremy and I was talking and he said if this thing gets rained out and rescheduled I won’t be able to make it for the make-up.” Jeremy and Matt came to an agreement for Matt to race the J24 machine and it paid off.

Jerrad Krick goes back to back claiming the Series title at Charleston Speedway. Krick also won the HP Machine Qualifying Championship for the 2018 season. Other Series season long points winners included: Wayne Huffman III as Side Bite Designs & Race Wraps Rookie of the Year & Saldana Racing Products Hard Charger Champion. The 2018 JAZ Products Dash Championship went to Jeremy Nichols.

The Midwest Street Stock Championship has come to a close and will hold a Series banquet at Eureka College on November 3rd. The 2019 season schedule is currently being worked on and will be released once finalized. The Series looks to return to most of the tracks from the 2018 schedule with hopes to settle on a 12 to 15 race tour in 2019. Stay tuned to MSSC webpage at and their Facebook and Twitter pages for details as they are released.

HP Machine Qualifying 1 (1 Lap):

  1. 97-Josh Griffith, 00:13.940

  2. 14-Megan Erwin, 00:14.360

  3. 99-Jason Maier, 00:14.380

  4. 22-Darrell Dick, 00:14.580

  5. 23Z-Shawn Ziemer, 00:14.890

  6. 90H-Lee Hall, 00:14.990[8]

  7. 21K-Kory Kohler, 00:15.280

  8. 97Z-Zac Griffith, 00:15.470

  9. 5X-Ronald Smith, NO TIME

HP Machine Qualifying 2 (1 Lap):

  1. J24-Matt Maier, 00:13.950

  2. 10-Don Hilleary, 00:13.950

  3. 122-Timmy Dick, 00:14.450

  4. 30-Andy Zahnd, 00:14.790

  5. 24-Justin Crowell, 00:14.860

  6. 8-David Hurst, 00:14.920

  7. 83H-Justin Hamm, 00:15.390

  8. 63-Marvin Golden, 00:25.640

  9. 67R-Rudy Zaragoza, NO TIME

HP Machine Qualifying 2 (1 Lap):

  1. 99K-Jerrad Krick, 00:13.870

  2. 818-Matthew Hammond, 00:14.130

  3. 4-Scott Hufford, 00:14.500

  4. 11S-Michael Donley, 00:14.850

  5. 5C-Megan Cavaness, 00:15.310

  6. 90-Bill Figgins, 00:16.220[6]

  7. 91-Trebor Henson, NO TIME

  8. 96-Kevin Quimby, NO TIME

  9. 58-Jerit Murphy, NO TIME Heat 1 (10 Laps):

  1. 97-Josh Griffith, [1]

  2. 99-Jason Maier, [3]

  3. 22-Darrell Dick, [4]

  4. 23Z-Shawn Ziemer, [5]

  5. 90H-Lee Hall, [6]

  6. (DNF) 21K-Kory Kohler, [7]

  7. (DNF) 14-Megan Erwin, [2]

  8. (DNF) 97Z-Zac Griffith, [8]

  9. (DNS) 5X-Ronald Smith

STL Motorsport Magazine Heat 2 (10 Laps):

  1. 122-Timmy Dick, [3]

  2. J24-Matt Maier, [1]

  3. 10-Don Hilleary, [2]

  4. 30-Andy Zahnd, [4]

  5. 24-Justin Crowell, [5]

  6. (DNF) 8-David Hurst, [6]

  7. (DNF) 67R-Rudy Zaragoza, [9]

  8. (DNF) 63-Marvin Golden, [8]

  9. (DNF) 83H-Justin Hamm, [7]

Dynamic Drivelines Heat 3 (10 Laps)

  1. 99K-Jerrad Krick, [1]

  2. 818-Matthew Hammond, [2]

  3. 4-Scott Hufford, [3]

  4. 11S-Michael Donley, [4]

  5. 96-Kevin Quimby, [8]

  6. 58-Jerit Murphy, [9]

  7. 5C-Megan Cavaness, [5]

  8. 91-Trebor Henson, [7]

  9. 90-Bill Figgins, [6]

JAZ Products Dash (5 Laps):

  1. 99K-Jerrad Krick, [4]

  2. 122-Timmy Dick, [1]

  3. 97-Josh Griffith, [2]

  4. J24-Matt Maier, [5]

  5. 818-Matthew Hammond, [3]

  6. (DNS) 99-Jason Maier

35th Annual UMP DIRTcar Street Stock Fall Nationals (40 Laps):

  1. J24-Matt Maier, [4]

  2. 97-Josh Griffith, [3]

  3. 99K-Jerrad Krick, [1]

  4. 14-Megan Erwin, [18]

  5. 4-Scott Hufford, [8]

  6. 90H-Lee Hall, [12]

  7. 91-Trebor Henson, [20]

  8. 23Z-Shawn Ziemer, [9]

  9. 90-Bill Figgins, [22]

  10. 5C-Megan Cavaness, [21]

  11. (DNF) 22-Darrell Dick, [6]

  12. (DNF) 818-Matthew Hammond, [5]

  13. (DNF) 67R-Rudy Zaragoza, [19]

  14. (DNF) 24-Justin Crowell, [13]

  15. (DNF) 122-Timmy Dick, [2]

  16. (DNF) 10-Don Hilleary, [7]

  17. (DNF) 58-Jerit Murphy, [17]

  18. (DNF) 96-Kevin Quimby, [14]

  19. (DNF) 8-David Hurst, [16]

  20. (DNF) 30-Andy Zahnd, [10]

  21. (DNF) 21K-Kory Kohler, [15]

  22. (DNF) 11S-Michael Donley, [11]

  23. (DNS) 99-Jason Maier,

Contingency Award Winners:

  • $100 PEM Racing Gift Certificate: Jerrad Krick

  • $50 Full Auto Racing Supply Gift Certificate: Megan Erwin

  • $75 Dynamic Drivelines Gift Certificate: Matt Hammond

  • $50 XS Power Gift Certificate: Timmy Dick

FINAL MSSC Championship Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Jerrad Krick 956 -----
2. Jeremy Nichols 846 -110
3. Darrell Dick 782 -174
4. Wayne Huffman III 782 -174
5. Megan Erwin 774 -182

MSSC HP Machine Fast Time Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Jerrad Krick 971 -----
2. Jeremy Nichols 887 -84
3. Darrell Dick 854 -117
4. Megan Erwin 832 -139
5. Wayne Huffman III 815 -156

MSSC JAZ Products Dash Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Jeremy Nichols 64 -----
2. Jerrad Krick 55 -9
3. Matt Maier 43 -21
4. Josh Griffith 41 -23
5. Nick Macklin 35 -29

MSSC Saldana Racing Products Hard Charger Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Wayne Huffman III 22 -----
2. Terry Reed 21 -1
3. Jerrad Krick 14 -8
4. Jason Maier 13 -9
5. Rudy Zaragoza 13 -9

MSSC Side Bite Designs and Race Wraps Rookie of the Year Point Standings

Position Driver Points Points Behind
1. Wayne Huffman III 850 -----
2. Megan Erwin 844 -6
3. Don Hilleary 670 -180
4. Matt Maier 668 -182
5. Jason Maier 492 -358
-- Terry Reed 492 -358

The Midwest Street Stock Championship is proud to partner with the following companies for the 2018 racing season:
- HP Machine (Official Fast Time Sponsor)
- JAZ Products (Official Dash Sponsor)
- Saldana Racing Products (Official Hard Charger Award Sponsor)
- Side Bite Designs and Race Wraps (Official Rookie of the Year Sponsor)
- STL Motorsport Magazine (Official Media Outlet)
- Dirt Trackin'
- PEM Racing
- AutoMeter Competition Instruments
- BrakeOMeter®
- DRIVEN Racing Oil
- COMP Cams
- Dynamic Drivelines
- Landrum Performance Springs
- (Official Trophy Provider)
- XS Power
- Full Auto Racing Supply
- JRB Fabrication / Infected Chassis
- Radical Racegear
- Hoosier Tire Midwest
- Performance Bodies

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